Transferring A Pre-Arrangement Plan

Absolutely, you may transfer your pre-arrangement to Whitt Funeral Services at any time.  Many people who enter into a prepaid funeral contract do not fully understand what their transferablility rights are.  Plans can be transferred either before or after death occurs.  Most of the laws governing prepaid funeral contracts purchased through a funeral home are designed to protect you, the consumer.  Whitt Funeral Services will accept pre-need transfers from any funeral home.


For your protection, any funds used to purchase your prepaid funeral were placed in the hands of a third party where they remain until you cancel the contract or the contract is fulfilled.  You retain ownership, and therefore control of the funds at all times up to the point where a licensed funeral home actually performs the contracted services.  And even then, the funds can only be released to the funeral home that performed the funeral services.


Simply contact Whitt Funeral Services at (580) 252-2244 and we will assist you.  We will make this process as simple as possible for you, personally handling all documentation.